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Commonwealth Surveying was founded by Tom Bushelman, Jr., to provide Kentucky businesses and homeowners with accurate, detailed, and environmentally sound approaches to commercial, industrial, and residential surveying needs.

Commonwealth Surveying brings to every surveying job and commercial project a broad background of military and civil surveying experience, along with many years working for some of the biggest engineering, surveying and commercial real estate developers in California, North Carolina, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. This unique mix of experience allows Commonwealth Surveying to bring to each job a broad scope and comprehensive knowledge of the surveying field.

Headquartered in Boone County, Kentucky, Commonwealth Surveying specializes in three areas: commercial, industrial, and residential surveying. We routinely perform boundary surveys, topographical surveys, platting services, and A.L.T.A./A.C.S.M. surveys using the most up-to-date equipment and latest data collection technology on the market. For a comprehensive listing of our services, check out our Services or Residential pages. Land developers and commercial builders can find out more on our Land Development page.

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